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Graduation and Donuts

Jorge and I were lab partners in genetics my last semester at the University of Iowa. Despite having had many biology classes together and seeing each other in passing we had never really met. Through our love of science memes and procrastination Jorge and I became fast friends. I then met Jorge's girlfriend Erin, who is a kind and passionate person. Erin saved my life (and dignity) at our graduation ceremony, but that's a story for another time.


When Jorge found out that I run my own photography business, he asked me if I would be willing to take his and Erin's graduation photos. I was more than happy to help and we had a great time documenting this enormous milestone. While portraits are great and what your family wants to frame and put above their mantel, I don't believe that these capture all of the joy and excitement of the occasion. Jorge and Erin pulled out all the stops and I enjoyed the opportunity to photograph this occasion in editorial style.

What is cuter than these two toasting their graduation with a couple of Hurts Donuts?!

hurts donuts

donut toast


Jorge will be attending Princeton University in the fall working toward getting his PhD in molecular genetics. I truly believe Jorge will help ave the world one day. He is so passionate about science and all of the different species on our planet.

fixing cap

grad portrait

in the lab

Erin has been on so many adventures this summer and will be settling back into Iowa City as she pursues graduate studies in Audiology at the University of Iowa in the fall.

Congratulation again to you both! I'm so happy to call you friends and I know you will both do amazing things in your personal and professional lives. Cheers!



To see the full gallery follow this link.

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